【School Garden Project】All about Insects – The Second Chapter: Creating Insect Specimens
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On 17 May 2016, volunteers from the Roots & Shoots Beijing Office's School Garden Project held a lesson for the children of Beijing Experimental School for the Deaf, to help them understand the different types of insects around them. With the objective of fostering closer contact with insects, the volunteers guided the children to create inspect specimens in this lesson. 


"Why do we prepare insect specimens? How do we prepare them?" With these questions in mind, the students embarked on the lesson led by a volunteer - Brother Qiao Jia - to experience the charm of insects at close range. 



The lesson began with a knowledge recap to assess if the students could identify insects and their distinct characteristics.



Following this, it was time to create the insect specimens. Brother Qiao Jia explained the different tools and their usage, the position to insert the needle, how to arrange the posture of the insects, and finally how to store the insect specimens. It was a hands-on lesson and the students were able to try their hand at creating the specimens while Brother Qiao Jia explained the process step by step. The class atmosphere was full of joy as the students had a lot of fun during the process. They also overcame their fear of insects and focused attentively on using the pin needle to adjust the posture of the specimens.


After completing the specimens, the students took turns to explain the type of insect specimen they had created and carefully marked it on the board next to the specimen, developing a scientific approach to learning from a young age. 



Through close contact with insects, this lesson has opened a door for the children to understand the world of insects, and inspired them to explore the mysteries of nature around them.


A perfect group photo


Tools for creating the insect specimens

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