【School Garden Project】All About Insects – The First Chapter: Getting to Know Insects
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In Spring, the children from Beijing Experimental School for the Deaf created a small garden in their school campus. Today, the seedlings planted in the garden are growing and have attracted a wide variety of bugs and creatures: butterflies, bees, spiders, centipedes, snails, praying mantis…. What are these creatures? Are they all insects? To answer these questions, volunteers from the Roots & Shoots Beijing Office's School Garden Project conducted a lesson for the students to introduce them to the world of insects.



Getting to Know Insects

After learning the definitions and characteristics of insects, about metamorphosis and other interesting insect facts, the students observed the insect specimens up close to understand more about these creatures. They actively discussed, listened, observed, and asked a lot of questions about insects. It was indeed a rewarding session for the students; apart from gaining knowledge about insects, the students also developed an appreciation for and learned to care for the insects around them.


In the Classroom: Discussing, Listening, Observing, and Asking Questions


Scientific knowledge about insects

At the end of the lesson, the students had learned to identify insects easily and were aware that spiders and scorpions are not insects! When the insects arrive in the garden, they become part of the garden's ecology, settling in and living there, and coexisting with the plants and flowers. The students promised to pay more attention to observe the small garden, and to care for these little creatures and share the natural environment with them.

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