【School Garden Project】Spring Planting Activities at Qi Yin School Resume
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Many schools participate in our School Garden Project and Spring is a busy time for their activities. On the 5th April 2017, School Garden Project activities resumed at QiYin school in the form of Spring planting activities. In a warm seasonal breeze, 13 kids from QiYin school and 13 volunteers from Disney company joined forces to plant up the school’s small garden.




Warm-up games helped the kids and volunteers to relax and get to know each other.  A volunteer teacher from Little Donkey Farm gave a professional explanation about gardening. Cultivation is not as simple as just digging and burying a plant in soil. Take seed-sowing as an example, the way to plant each different crop varies, casting handfuls of seeds across the soil or planting individually into the earth, and planting distances will also vary by species.



After the explanation, the students and volunteers joined together to cultivate the small garden. In preparation for the different crops, 25-square meters of land was divided into a Root Garden, Shoot Garden, Green Garden, Melon Garden and Fruit Garden. Kids and volunteers were also divided into 5 groups for the different tasks of preparing the soil, adding fertilizer, turning the soil over, sowing the seeds and watering. Everybody was enthusiastic and keen to begin.


This is now the 2nd year for the kids participating in the School Garden Project. The class teacher Chen showed a lot of support for this project. “ The kids learn to care and to give through their gardening activities, and their ability to cooperate has also been improved. The most important thing for the kids is the sense of accomplishment they have experienced through their labor, which is really positive for the kids’ future.” She said.  



At the end of a lovely day in the golden sunshine, the small garden had been planted full of cucumbers, potatoes, lettuces, radishes and many more plants - altogether around 30 different types of crops. Spring planting is only one phase of the School Garden Project activities. In the coming days, the kids must continuously take care of the land until it is time to harvest the produce and enjoy eating together. Just think about it, wow, a delicious feast to look forward to!


Thanks so much to the kids from QiYin School and the great efforts made by the volunteers from Disney Company!



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