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Together, let's make shark protection last forever!
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On 6 June 2015, with the arrival of the 6th annual "World Oceans Day", the Roots & Shoots Beijing Office - a subsidiary of the non-profit organization, the Jane Goodall Institute - organized its 4th Design Competition Sharing Event for University Students as part of its ongoing No Shark Fin Project. The event began at 1:30p.m, after the displaying of the promotional video for the project. Ms. Niu, who is in charge of the No Shark Fin project, officially opened the event with a speech elaborating on the progress made by the No Shark Fin Project and the status of the University Student Design Competition. Afterwards, recognized leaders shared the experiences of their groups with the crowd, and received nothing but enthusiasm and applause from the audience.



All of the groups spoke about their experiences sharing their highlights, downtimes, and moments that were truly touching to them. Upon interacting with one another, the students began to open up to one another, leading to passionate conversations about their projects and experiences. Combined with the games and live performances of the day, the event was truly a melting pot of passion, enthusiasm, and excitement.



Upon wrapping up the discussions, Roots & Shoots invited the director of the Link Capital Nature & Social Affairs Center, Ms. Tu as well as the manager of the Hilton Beijing Hotel as guest speakers to discuss key communication and business skills for the promotion of public projects — one of the technical skills that students at the event found to be challenging in their past experiences. Shortly thereafter, Ms. Tu encouraged students to participate in the "Protect the Sharks" certificate design competition, in order to design certificates for organizations that had pledged not to consume shark fin.



As the event came to a close, students watched a video of all the highlights of the No Shark Fin Project. After announcing the final winners of the competition, the 2014-2015 4th University Student Design Competition Share Event came to a well rounded close.

An additional thank you to the Beijing Hilton Hotel for providing a venue and supporting the event.


No Shark Fin Project


In 2011, R&S in partnership with the Humane Society International (HSI), launched the No Shark Fin Project, aimed at raising public awareness of the importance of protecting sharks while changing public opinion and reducing their desire to consume shark fin.


The No Shark Fin Project has entered its fourth year and has drawn national attention from all circles with the project’s effects becoming increasingly influential. The project has engaged 170 Chinese college teams in 57 cities, collecting over 170,000 pledges from people committed to stop consuming shark fin.


Anti-Shark Fin Competition for University Students

The Anti-Shark Fin Competition for University Students enables individuals to design new and innovative ways of promoting the protection of sharks. Roots and Shoots organizes and sponsors the event by providing grants for funding to enable the students to fulfill their visions and ideas. As of this point, there have been four successful fairs for the project and over 170 universities ,from 57 cities in China , involved in the competition. Additionally, over 170,000 individuals across China have pledged to not consume shark fin.


University Student Design Competition

The No Shark Fin Project University Student Design Competition encourages students to assemble their own groups to design and implement their own shark protection projects with R&S funding and support.


Chinese university students organize a diverse range of activities including campus awareness campaigns, primary and secondary school workshops, and restaurant appeals to not sell shark fin products. Student-organized events include cycling, city flash mobs, and participate in the China Cup International Regatta.


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