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【Guardians of the Elephants & No Shark Fin Projects】Colorful Roots & Shoots in the Mid-Autumn Festival Event
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We came together under the autumn moon on 10 October 2015 for the Mid-autumn Festival Event in BCIS. Beginning with a brilliant blue sky and sunny afternoon, more than 2000 members gathered here to celebrate the Mid-autumn Night. Roots & Shoots also showed ouselves and received highly recognition and support by circles.




We introduced R&S' profile and our irreplaceable role in environmental protection to everyone who to our booth. Moreover, our "unique" albums, pencils, and low-carbon tea were very popular among the children. 



Our companions in BCIS urged others to protect sharks through the "No Shark Fin Project" boards, and gained a lot of support.



We also urged everyone to be a guardian of elephants. It was a great success. Many people drew pictures on the boards to show their support once they learned about what the "Guardians of the Elephants Project" was all about.


Whether it was through the "No Shark Fin" project, the "Guardians of the Elephants" project, or other Roots & Shoots projects, we believe that we have attracted and influenced many more people at this event. 

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