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Part 1: Sounds from hundreds of "elephants" in Wuquan Zoo

On 1 May 2015, volunteers from R&S groups and other environmental associations of colleges and universities in Lanzhou came to Wuquan Zoo to participate in the activities of "Guardians of the Elephants",which attracted about 30,000 visitors. Moreover, many students and tourists joined us and wrote down their "sounds" for guardians of elephants.


Part 2: Sounds from movies in Lanzhou University

On 5 May 2015, the "Let the Voices of China Be Heard" publicity campaign held by R&S green team progressed on schedule in YuZhong Campus of Lanzhou University. The campaign lasted from morning till night, and culminated in the moment of the open-air cinema stage in the evening. The movie is to tell the facts of the ivory trade and the whole trade chain, and encourage everyone to resist the ivory trade. About 200 people participated and realized the brutal and bloody facts behind the trade. To understand, to take care, to reduce ivory trades. We will try our best to spread the concept of elephants protection to everyone around us.


Part 3: Sounds from communication in Gansu University of Chinese Medicine

On 7 May 2015, the guardians of elephants came to Gansu University of Chinese Medicine and held a promotion activity called "Hand in Hand, Let Our Love with Elephants". Our volunteers appealed to people to protect elephants and resist ivory products. Together with the watching activity, the whole campaign was very stirring and successful. After that the guardians shared their feelings and thoughts with others, which convinced them to protect elephants and resist the ivory trade. As more guardians join, we will get stronger.


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