【Guardians of the Elephants】Classes! Ready, go!
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On 22 October 2015, volunteers of the "Guardians of the Elephants" project from Roots & Shoots visited the Qinghonglan School in Beijing and taught a class on elephants. In this class, we recruited people to join the guardians of elephants project and resist ivory trade. Let's take a look at this interesting journey.

Ms Seagull told the story about Roots & Shoots and "Guardians of the Elephants" at the beginning of class. Everyone was listening carefully, and some of the students said he/she had never seen an elephant that looked so lovely.

What does the elephant look like in children's mind?

"They have very big ears!"

"Their legs look like pillars!"

"The elephant I saw had long teeth!"

"They can take things with their nose!"

"Elephants are big! Very big!"

Every child shared what they understood to be an elephant, or features of an elephant. With the help of an explanation from the teacher, they all had a new understanding of elephants.

Many students had tears in their eyes when they saw the little elephant "Pengpeng" killed while looking for his father. None of them want the lovely elephants to get killed. And many of them wrote down their words: "Please put your gun down! ", "I wish Pengpeng could have had a happy life with his parents!" Every student wrote and drew a lot.

The colorful pictures and sweet words from the students in the class made us more hopeful for a bright future for elephants. Little guardians, it will be a long journey, but let's do it together! Ready? Go!

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