【Guardians of the Elephants】Be Appassionata Like A Child
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On 2 December 2015, Roots & Shoots volunteers went to Beijing Experimental School for the Deaf to deliver an ecology and conservation class to the children who live in a silent world. We explained some basic knowledge about elephants and why they are endangered, steering them away from ivory products and promoting the protection of elephants.


Although the course is very simple, the children were all absorbed and very positive in answering, discussing, and expressing their views. Even though they are little angels living in the silent world, it brings them joy and deep emotion to think about these ecological and environmental problems. Their passion and enjoyment in the classroom moved us deeply.


"What do the elephants look like?" The child told us with a painting that they look like this:

"What's the differences between African and Asian elephants?" They were all scrambling to answer with signs, "African elephants are bigger", "All of the African elephants have ivory!"


When seeing the little elephant Pengpeng killed on its way to look for his father, there were tears in many  of the children's eyes. Afterwards, they said they will protect the elephants from hunting, just like a little soldier. And they would like to persuade those hunters to stop, or call the police to stop them. The little "soldiers" also wrote down what they wanted to say to the elephants.

This class not only helped children learn more about the elephant species and how and why to protect them, but also affected us a lot seeing the passion and enjoyment from these children.


Impressions from volunteers:

"They are the most lovely children I've met. Even though there are difficulties in our communication, we can feel the heart of each other. I was deeply moved by their sincerity and innocence when I saw the tears in their eyes when they were watching the video. And it also made me rethink of how our adult thoughts are covered with masks, and are not as pure as a child's." (Yan Yan)

"Generally, deaf children require more patience and time to help them fully get the knowledge because of the difficluts in hearing despite their obvious thirst for knowledge. Ms. Chen who is the teacher of the class, really touched me when I saw her signing and explaining for children with simple hand gestures and eye communication. She always needed to explain more than twice, and also try to correct some of the children's pronunciation." (Cunshuo Li)

We would like more and more people to get involved and invest more patience and energy into the Guardians of the Elephants project. Be a passionata like a child!

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