Guardians of the Elephants, let the voices of China be heard! Guardians of the Elephants Sharing Event, 2015
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On 19 December 2015, Roots & Shoots - a subsidiary of the non-profit organization the Jane Goodall Institute - organized the Guardians of the Elephants Sharing Event for university students as a part of its ongoing Guardians of the Elephants Project at CEEC, Beijing. The event began after the displaying of the promotional video for the project. Michael Crook officially opened the event with a lively speech telling the story about his connection to R&S (Roots & Shoots), also mentioning the "melancholic" elephant in the zoo and the wild elephants he saw.



Then, Ms. Zhang, who is in charge of Guardians of the Elephants project, gave a presentation elaborating on the progress made by Guardians of the Elephants Project and the basic status of the activity.


Afterwards, leaders from Lanzhou, Nanchang, and Beijing shared the experiences of their activity groups with the crowd. Some of the leaders tried to connect with the children by handing out sweets (but they all refused), while others showed movies to the students, receiving moving comments, or sent them their best wishes. All the groups were received with nothing but enthusiasm and applause from the audience. 


After all the groups spoke out about their experiences, Roots & Shoots invited Prof. Zhang from Beijing Normal University and Ms. Qin from CEEC to give speeches, both of which were wonderful. Prof. Zhang gave a lecture on the general status of ivory trade and elephant protection based on his previous case studies and data, furthering our knowledge of global ivory trade.


Ms. Qin presented on the promotion of public and environmental projects from the two aspects: protection and practice. Everyone participated in and opened up to ask their questions, and the event was truly a melting pot of passion, enthusiasm, and excitement.


As the event came to a close, all the participants took pictures together and the Guardians of the Elephants Sharing Event (2015) came to a well-rounded finish.


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