Shocking Decline in Elephant Population
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Startling results from the 2016 “Great Elephant Census” have shown that the population of elephants has declined much more rapidly than expected. With only 352, 271 elephants remaining in sub-Saharan Africa, many African nations are attempting to step up their conservation efforts to save the world’s largest land animal. Kenya, for example, set fire to 105 tons of ivory to demonstrate that “ivory is worthless unless it is on our elephants”. More information can be found here:


Elephant conservation efforts are also being made in China. Roots & Shoots Beijing established the Guardians of the Elephants project in 2014. As China is the largest ivory consumer in the world, the project aims to inform Chinese citizens about the origins of ivory and the shocking truth behind the ivory trade. Through education, Roots & Shoots Beijing hopes that the attitudes and behaviors towards ivory consumption will change in order to protect elephants. Awareness is raised through educational activities and campaigns, and the project has since expanded to ten cities in China. It is crucial that such measures are taken to prevent the extinction of elephants. 

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