MCEE Short Movie commences filming
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On 5 August 2015, MCEE team went to Guang'ai School located at Shunyi district for a special environmental educational activity. Several student volunteers from Guang'ai School became little movie stars for the filming of an MCEE short video. The plot of the environmental education video revolves around the change in some students' environmental attitudes and actions as a result of Roots & Shoots' natural classes. This video aims to spread the idea of recycling and emphasis the importance of environmental education. Furthermore, participation from students and volunteers in the video making progress counts as a fulfillment of their own environmental commitments.



MCEE is an environmental education project for migrant students in Beijing. It helps migrant students to understand, feel, and love nature through a unique, and participatory teaching style. In addition, MCEE organized various activities to raise students' environmental awareness and to improve their organizational, and communication skills. Most of the students like Roots & Shoots natural class because of its novel teaching style. This video shooting is a part of the overall natural classes, and we hope that the shooting can inspire more students to think about environmental issues.



Roots & Shoots wants to thank student actors and volunteers for their great efforts. We are looking forward to this environmental educational video.

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