The Award Ceremony of the First Migrant Children Environmental Education
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On 31 October 2015, MCEE, Roots & Shoots Beijing Office held the award ceremony of the First Migrant Children Environmental Education and Painting Design Competition and Education Forum in the cafe of Apple Fund.


In the meeting, more than 20 teachers and students from 5 migrant children schools (Shuren School, Qinghonglan School, Jingshun School, Bozhi School and Guang'ai School) shared their opinions about how to improve students' awareness of environmental protection. Not only did this meeting promote the exchange of educational experiences between teachers and students, it also achieved the goals of MCEE to strengthen the children's idea of environmental protection.


In the warm and homelike cafe, the atmosphere was filled with the magnificent eloquence of the host and an interesting ice breaking game. The cafe was full of pleasant laughter.


The children all concentrated on the video of MCEE projects and the presentation shown by the project leader. The idea of environmental protection was rooted in the children's minds when they heard detailed and enjoyable descriptions and saw lively pictures about the project's introduction and objectives. Listening seriously and attentively, they were mature environment protectors indeed.


After the reports, children and teachers were grouped together to play a game called "Find your companions". Players were asked to choose one of the plant pictures, which contained different processes of a plant's growth -- as a seed, a flower and/or a fruit. Next, they needed to find their companions who held the same plant picture as them. Meanwhile, the host would ask various questions to mobilize the atmosphere and increase the difficulties of the game. According to this unique participatory teaching method, children were able to understand the growing processes of plants effectively and efficiently, stimulating their interests in nature.


The meeting's atmosphere was active for this interesting game and the children were indulged in the amusement of it. However, the next event pushed the atmosphere to the climax again -- the award ceremony began! The splendid introduction of the winning paintings along with the children's acceptance speeches enriched the meeting. Receiving praise and rewards for their paintings further helped them believe that their environmental protection efforts are important. The sweet expressions on their faces were the best to witness.


Time went by quickly because everyone was so happy. In the afternoon, after taking a group photo, the children embarked on their return. They learned an abundance of knowledge and strengthened their own beliefs of environmental protection by really understanding the magic and complexities of nature through their own outstanding paintings.

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