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In March 2016, the Migrant Children Environment Education (MCEE) project opened up the annual application of the "MCEE Seed Fund". The "MCEE Seed Fund" program encourages migrant school teachers in Beijing to carry out environmental education curriculum and activities independently in their schools, so as to help students understand the relationship between humans and nature, improve their environmental protection awareness, guide them to discover environmental issues around them, and improve the quality of students’ moral character.


Let's take a look at the activities held by teachers in April and May!


On 4 April 2016, Ms. Li of Shu Ren Primary School organized a trip to the outdoors where students could observe their favorite things in nature, and interpret their love for nature through painting. Based on a game called “Seed Germination”, the students were asked to imagine themselves as a seed and draw the growth trajectory of the seed.


Through the design of this activity, the students realized that the knowledge of each discipline is closely inter-linked. Inspired by nature, they were able to demonstrate their observation skills and creativity in painting. Furthermore, the activity improved the relationship between the teachers and students, and enhanced the cooperation amongst the students. In the midst of a tense atmosphere from their graduation exams, the students experienced the joy of artistic creation and created unforgettable memories for themselves. The experience also provided great writing material for the students. 



Overall, the activity enabled the students to understand the structure of some plants and gain environmental protection knowledge, cultivated the spirit of teamwork and cooperation, and enhanced the students’ observation skills and creativity. Ms. Li feels that the love for life, and the love for nature, is growing in every child. Each child is like a small seed, and each seed has infinite power. She believes that this invisible force will give the children more courage and hope. Lastly, Ms. Li hopes there will be more learning opportunities for the children and herself, and she is willing to grow with each child.




In May 2016, teachers from Qing Hong Lan school advocated the green movement for the month via two main themes: (1) Garbage, and (2) Agricultural Cultivation.


Ms. Yu, a form teacher of a Grade 6 class, has advocated knowledge about environmental protection since she was first introduced to MCEE in 2015. Her theme was ‘Little Environment Guard’ which focused on educating the children about hazardous waste and the importance of environmental protection. Ms. Yu hopes that the children can play their part to protect the environment and also influence the people around them to do so. Firstly, she gave the children some environmental related questions where they needed to search for the answers after class, and ran a competition to gauge their grasp of the knowledge learned. Next, during her lessons she taught the various ways of waste classification and the appropriate disposal methods, and showed videos to help the children internalize and value the importance of protecting the environment. Finally, she awarded the children with small gifts to re-emphasize the significance of this cause.





Another teacher, Ms. Wang of Grade 4, approached her environmental education through agricultural cultivation. She first explained to the children about the different types of seeds, composition of the seeds, and features of the seeds, and taught the children how to observe and record the growth of the seeds. Next, using the specific examples of ginger, eggplant, and pepper, Ms. Wang shared with the children how to plant each of these seeds. The children were then divided into three groups to experience the planting for themselves, where they prepared the soil, dug ditches, and sew the seeds. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves during the process and were all looking forward to their harvest.



Ms. Wang said the children were all very excited, as this was the first time they were running a farming activity with them on campus. The objective of this activity was to help the children learn more about the different types of seeds, and understand how to observe and care for the plants. Through this process, the children would not only appreciate the hardship and the happiness of labour, but also develop a sense of responsibility. By enabling them to understand that the maturity of a seed requires hard work, the children would learn to appreciate and cherish every grass and plant around them.



We are looking forward to Ms. Wang’s harvest, and hope that more teachers will join us in the future!



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