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Roots & Shoots JD Mobile Phone Waste Recycling
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New technologies emerge constantly and with them so does the rate of product replacement. Consumers in China's big cities now change their mobile phones on average every 12 to 18 months. China has more than 200 million discarded mobile phones each year, but shockingly only 1% of its discarded mobile phones are properly recycled.

Rare precious metals account for 30 to 40% composition in mobile phones. If these waste mobile phones cannot enter the standard recycling system to be disassembled and disposed of, there is both a waste of resources and a harmful impact on the environment. When phones are discarded as garbage, heavy metals and other harmful substances in them lead to soil and water pollution, causing harm to human health.


In the run-up to World Environment Day on June 5, the Beijing Root & Shoots office has launched the "Trade mobile phone for books" project. We invite Roots & Shoots students to collect old mobile phones to be processed through JD. We also welcome direct donations from the public. The money raised will be used to help migrant children in Qinghonglan School by creating a library book corner filled with environmentally related books.


Activity time

From 5th May to 5th June 2017


Activity agenda

1.  Participants are asked to send old mobile phones by delivery to the Beijing Roots & Shoots office (Tel: 010-6778 3115; address: Beijing 100022, Chaoyang District, Baiziwan Road No. 77, Beijing City International School, Room 1309) providing their name and email address. We can pay the delivery costs on receipt of the phone.

Friendly reminder: Please delete all your personal information before sending us your cell phone!


2.  After JD's appraisal of the mobile phone, and professional recovery processing, the proceeds will be donated to Roots and Shoots for the migrant children's library project.


3. After the event, Roots & Shoots will share details about the funds raised with donors by email and in official public forums such as our website, WeChat, and other publicity channels.


About us

Roots & Shoots Beijing Office

The Roots & Shoots environmental education initiative, founded by Dr. Jane Goodall, was introduced into China in 1994 to educate young people about the relationship between man and nature and encourage them to take action for the environment, animals and communities.


Qinghonglan School

Qinghonglan school is a migrant children's school, and also a pilot school for the Roots & Shoots environmental education program. A nature based educational class is held here regularly with the Roots & Shoots students. Because of the limited economic conditions, the students do not have a lot of resources and so extracurricular books in schools are very limited. Therefore, Roots & Shoots want to build a new library that will contain books about the environment.


Jingdong recycling

JD recycling is a special venture that is committed to public welfare, by protecting the ecological environment, and splitting and recycling electronic equipment. It covers: mobile phones, digital, computer, DIY parts, electrical equipment, household appliances, clothing and another 35 categories.


Contact information

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: Tel:010-67783115,010-67785802

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Roots & Shoots Beijing Office, Room 1309, Beijing City International School, No.77 Baiziwan Nan Er Rd, Chaoyang District,  Beijing, China 100022