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【Group Project】Shandong Dongying Xiaojiaoya Roots & Shoots Group - Visiting the Yellow River Estuary Wetland Museum
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Yellow River Estuary Wetland Museum is located in Dongying City. It mainly displays the rich and diverse wetland ecosystem and beautiful landscape in the Yellow River Delta. Xiaojiaoya R&S group took advantage of its great geographical location and organized the students to visit the museum. The museum guide took the group around the museum on a 1.5 hours tour.



The group also carried out "bird sketching" activities after the visit, using the bird specimens displayed in the museum. The group decided to sketch the mute swans and eurasian coots they observed during a bird watching activity they previously participated in at JinhuYinhe. Under the museum guide's direction, the students observed the specimens carefully before sketching. This not only made the later process of sketching easier, but also enabled the students to have a deeper impression of the characteristics of these birds.



After the group left the wetland museum they came to the Mingyue Lake wetland for bird watching. For many students, it is their first time observing birds so they were very excited. They learned to use the telescope and discovered different techniques to observe birds. During the observation, several students found that there were many species of birds inside a mud pond. They also recorded three types of birds they have never seen before and went back to research more information. They decided to go back the next week and conduct more observations.



After the activity, one of the group members, Shao Yuxiang, exclaimed:“I've learned about so many species of birds from this visit. Humans harmed nature, which made many species of birds extinct over the past few years. So we need to cherish the resources and protect the environment because these birds need their home.”Dong Zhenxuan agreed,“I think we should all take good care of our homeland, so the wetlands are always in the best condition!”

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