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【Group Project】Dalian Minzu University GreenWing 21 Roots & Shoots Group - Bicycling for the Environment Activity
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Nowadays, traffic in the city is an enormous problem. The effects of motor vehicles emitting exhaust fumes have taken a toll on the air quality. In order to spread environmental protection awareness to more people, the Green Wing 21 R&S group at Dalian Minzu University participated in the Bicycling for the Environment Activity, relying on public bicycles as their major form of transportation from Wanda Square to Tongniu Mountain, in the city of Dalian.



The end point of this activity was at Tongniu Mountain. Students from the R&S group picked up trash afterwards. They worked hard together and their efforts helped to restore the Tongniu Mountain back to its former pristine condition.



The students from the Green Wing 21 R&S group learned a lot from this activity. The students had the opportunity to take action to protect the environment, and they also helped spread awareness to the public. The students also learnt collaboration skills from this group activity and explored a new and eco method of traveling by way of public bicycles, which reduces the pressure on traffic – making green travel truly possible. 

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