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【Group Project】Dalian Minzu University Green Wing 21 R&S Group 10th Anniversary
Date:2017-06-05 Editor: Big Normal Small 】【Print Close

Dalian Minzu University Green Wing 21 R&S group held its 10th anniversary ceremony on May 13. The group is founded on the belief of Dr. Jane Goodall: "care for our community; protect our environment". On the day of this event, social environmentalists, youth representatives as well as other environmental protection organizations were all invited to join the ceremony.




The students prepared a great performance at the ceremony. Other students who joined the Green Wing 21 R&S group in the past gave sincere speeches interspersed with interesting games. It really was a lively, enthusiastic celebration.




The Green Wing 21 R&S group's 10th anniversary was filled with warmth and happiness.  Videos were shown to demonstrate how the R&S group had transformed over the past 10 years. New members of the group felt proud to be part of the Green Wing 21 community. They pledged to never forget their initial goal, tkeep up the good work and continue protecting the environment.

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