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Guardians of the Elephants Project

The elephant is the world's largest terrestrial mammal, but its numbers in the wild have been dropping at an unprecedented rate. More than 35,000 elephants are killed each year. If this rate of decline continues, elephants will be extinct within a few decades.



Ivory consumption poses a huge threat to the elephant's survival in its natural habitat. One third of the tusk is embedded in the elephant's skull so in order to get all the ivory, poachers will use guns or poison to kill the elephant before digging out all the ivory. China is one of the biggest markets in the ivory trade, therefore reducing consumer demand here for ivory products is key to elephant conservation.



Roots & Shoots started the 'Guardians of the Elephants' project to educate young people about the truth behind the ivory trade and encourage them to take action, thereby increasing public awareness of elephant conservation and promoting changes in consumer attitude and behavior. 



Join Us

We encourage more college students to be Guardians of the Elephants. Through a series of campus events and activities, we aim to raise awareness among the public. If you wish to join the Chinese campaign, you can register online by scanning the QR code below. 















Altnernatively, groups of college students can email the R&S Beijing office at to apply for supportive materials.


Corporates, individuals and groups can also support our students by providing free venues, financial support, or voluntary contributions.


Roots & Shoots Beijing Office, Room 1309, Beijing City International School, No.77 Baiziwan Nan Er Rd, Chaoyang District,  Beijing, China 100022