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Eco-Action Beijing Project Background


Eco-Action Beijing (EAB) started in 2008, and the project is split into the following main segments: '3R lifestyle', 'conserve water lifestyle', 'big tree', 'house cleaning', and 'conserving resources'. The project aims to mobilise young people to take positive action, and analyse environmental issues from multiple perspectives.







Now in its sixth year, the project continues to work with middle school students, helping them each discover their important roles in resolving some of the big environmental challenges facing Beijing. Each year we focus on a new theme - such as trash management, water conservation, and reduce/reuse/recycle. EAB lets students explore how natural resources are used and the personal impact we can have on resource management through lectures, field trips and community projects. EAB students are encouraged to become green ambassadors and share what they have learned about resource conservation with their families and communities.


In 2012, the Eco Action conserving resources program encouraged young people to conserve energy and water in schools and homes and adopt a more energy conservative lifestyle. Together with Kimberly Clark, Roots & Shoots organised a campus resource consumption investigation, enabling students to learn about their current campus resources and recycling situation, discover the problems and then publicise them.



In Classrooms


In 2012, EAB also focused on teaching students to reduce their consumption of everyday items and paper recycling. The R&S team guided students to find innovative ways of re-using trash and other items rather than disposing or before recycling them. In addition, EAB produces promotional materials and brochures using recycled paper for in-class lessons and activities.


Roots & Shoots Beijing Office, Room 1309, Beijing City International School, No.77 Baiziwan Nan Er Rd, Chaoyang District,  Beijing, China 100022