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What is Roots & Shoots?

The Roots & Shoots program (R&S) is an international environmental education program with the aim of bringing positive change for the environment, animals, and communities. The first Roots & Shoots small group was started in 1991 by Dr. Jane Goodall and a group of Tanzanian students who wanted to bring positive change to their communities. In 1993, the R&S program grew to include the United States and Europe. In the last 20 years, the program has grown to include over 130 countries and over 16,000 R&S small groups in educational institutions, communities, and corporations. The small groups range in size from a few members to a few thousand members, encompassing the ethos "Everyone can initiate change", and achieving success in their objectives through various initiatives.


Roots & Shoots in China

The R&S environmental program is the Jane Goodall Institute China's biggest program and was started in 2000 by the R&S Beijing office. R&S has created a platform to educate young people through extra-curricular activities and events, and encourages R&S small groups to take action to improve the environment, animals, and communities. Since 1994, the program has grown to include over 1,000 R&S small groups all across mainland China, and we have an ever growing audience at our events. Each individual's action brings about a positive change in our local communities.


Dr. Jane Goodall has consistently spread the message of "every person can bring about change" around the world, and this is the message that we are working hard to broadcast across China. The R&S program started in Beijing in 1994, and in 2000 we established a permanent office there. The joint effort of the Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu offices have ensured increasing coverage across all tiers of the education system.


Our Impact

Till date, the Roots & Shoots program in China has achieved the following results:

• Influenced thousands of young people, changing their attitudes toward the environment for the better

• Improved young people's leadership skills and increased environmental networking for members

• Trained over 10,000 Chinese teachers on environmental education


In 2007, a team of Masters students from the University of Columbia conducted an evaluation of the R&S program. Their evaluation report states that when compared to the average student, R&S student members displayed:

• Greater knowledge of environmental and animal welfare issues;

• Greater awareness affecting attitudes and behaviours toward the environment; and

• Greater compassion for wildlife and endangered animals


Roots & Shoots groups in Beijing

We are dedicated to educating Chinese youths on environmental protection. Click here to find out more information about R&S groups in Beijing.


For R&S groups in Shanghai and Chengdu, please click on the respective office's website links in the main tab above.


R&S Beijing Office
R&S Shanghai Office
R&S Chengdu Office
Our Work
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Our mission is to educate young people about the interconnectedness between nature and human beings and encourage  them to take action for our environment, animals, and community.

Roots & Shoots Beijing Office, Room 1309, Beijing City International School, No.77 Baiziwan Nan Er Rd, Chaoyang District,  Beijing, China 100022